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They came for gold. What they found was worth more.

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Of Fortune and Gold
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What if you were given the exact location of three million dollars in gold?  Would you drop everything and go?



Handed the chance to strike it rich, four friends leave the daily grind of Los Angeles behind and embark on a quest across the Southwest for a hidden treasure.  While they all believe that the money will be the catalyst to their own success, the search quickly challenges their core philosophies and casts light on their radically differing views, pitting counterculture against mainstream ideologies.  Ultimately, their tense and unpredictable journey leads to the discovery of something more valuable than gold.



Traveling through this country’s most pristine and recognizable landmarks, Of Fortune and Gold takes audiences on a journey through the scenic beauty of Joshua Tree, Zion, and the Grand Canyon, represented on 35mm film, enlivened by a Western gun-slinging subplot and the heady excitement of a mid-desert EDM rave.  Accompanied by an original score, the film has a classical cinematic feel allowing a wide audience to identify with the characters and themes. In a time when a new generation is questioning established beliefs, Of Fortune and Gold captures the zeitgeist of the millennial experience. 

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