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Who We Are


With the growing demand for online content, it can be expensive to stand out from the crowd. We are able to work within many budgets to create current and entertaining content to educate, engage, and incite long-term business relationships. We specialize in corporate funding, crowdfunding, and documentaries.


No matter what the platform, video content excels with a good story. The best stories come from an authentic voice and true collaboration. Prominence Films understands that this is where the most time is spent. Taking time and consideration the story is always at the forefront of content creation.


With years of experience in the industry spanning the USA, Prominence Films knows what it takes to get the best content for your budget. Some of our past projects include Commercial Web Content, Crowdfunding Videos, Web Series, Short Films, Educational Videos, DocuSeries, Performance Reels, Music Videos, & Feature Film. Please contact us for examples of specific work. 


Prominence Films is with you through the entire process. Content is organic, it grows and thrives in the creative environment. From the birth of an idea to the completion of a video, PF is always challenging the project to be at the pinnacle of competition, whatever the market.


Jared Marshall and Valerie Hinkle co-founded Prominence Films in 2012 in Los Angeles, CA. Prominence Films now based in Atlanta, GA. The filmmakers work to bring the focus of visual content back to the story and message. With so much accessibility and an influx in content, sometimes the heart and passion can be forgotten.




is a director, writer, editor, and producer with 10+ years of industry experience.  His professional career has brought him to many places around the globe as well as several years spent in the Studio system in Los Angeles, CA. Director of the award-winning short film, “Dark Times” (2012), sparked a lot of industry attention with its unique POV zombie film landing distribution on a popular film anthology, Zombieworld. Jared is most known for his award-winning feature-length film “Of Fortune and Gold” (2016) which took several awards on the film festival circuit and is now available on Amazon. Currently writing his next feature film and directing//filming branded content for reputable corporations keeps him more than busy. On the off chance he’s not filming, editing, or writing, Jared is an avid runner, outdoorsman, and family-man. He is truly the backbone of Prominence Films.

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brings a tremendous amount of experience and versatility to Prominence Films. From her award-winning acting background to her near decade-long producing credentials, and her directing abilities, her knowledge and experience set the tone for every production Prominence Films undertakes. Working in LA brought her from a lead role in acclaimed “Of Fortune and Gold” to various television and commercial productions, where gained the invaluable insight into all aspects of the production process. Her love of the outdoors, animals, and her commitment to responsible/positive social messaging tie directly into the core values of Prominence Films, and has been the moral compass from which all projects follow. Now based in Atlanta, GA, Valerie is directing/producing a docuseries on EdCorps as a resource for Skilled Trades Classrooms, as well as continuing to promote positive messaging through branded content.


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